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Creativity with a Conscience

Together with the most innovative and creative companies and visionaries, we produce quality, circular inspired people love to live with. This is our story…

Inspired by our home, Laguna Beach, CA

Surrounded by some of the most talented and promising artists, art schools and galleries, it’s hard not to be inspired. Nestled into the canyon you will find a culture of appreciation for art and the world around us. Through that, Encore Artistic Solutions was born.

Working side-by-side with artists, Encore developed a proprietary process wherein we intercept discarded goods, on its way to landfills around the world and transform it into product people love to live with.

Encore Art Solutions has assembled a team of people invested in tomorrow, passionate creators, innovators, art enthusiasts, makers, marketers and tinkerers and scientific smarty pants who are committed to giving discarded architectural paint and other discarded items a second life. 

Creative with Encore represents quality, sustainability and a more sustainable tomorrow. Created with Encore stands for the coming together of the most innovative, creatively conscious companies to solve complex problems – and as a result, create a more circular, sustainable future.

Created with Encore is our Intel Inside

When a business creates with Encore it is creating a better tomorrow through creative processes and the scaled delivery of circular inspired products people love to live with.

We stand for a more creative tomorrow
We stand for a more collaborative tomorrow
We stand for a more community minded tomorrow
We stand for a more circular tomorrow

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Created with Encore and Stand Up For Tomorrow.

We will always jump to our feet and applaud solving complex problems with sustainability and creativity. Let’s stand up for the Earth, unlock creativity with a conscience and create a better tomorrow.

When a consumer sees CREATED WITH ENCORE on packaging they can count on the product to be made with uncompromising quality and that a percentage of every sale goes to: 

Diversity, Sustainability and Art Education

Community Engagement and Transformation

Circular Economy Awareness



Phone: + 1 844 3ENCORE
Laguna Beach,

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